Guesthouse Hof-English

Welcome to the Guesthouse Hof!

In the beginning of the 20th century in Snæfellsnes, there was a farm called Hof. In the middle of the century they closed the Hof down however, because it blew too much sand around the house.
Where Hof once was, stands a wooden guesthouse today. It is called Guesthouse Hof. The house is 400 m2 and is divided in 5 flats. Every flat has a kitchen, a living-room, a bathroom, and three bedrooms. You can rent the hole flat ore just a bedroom and then you share the common areas.
We are also starting summer 2012 new cottages. Each cottage has 2 rooms. Each room has private entrée, bedroom, bathroom and a small area with has a table and chairs.

Hof is a newly built guesthouse since 2003 located by the amazing volcano Snæfellsjökull in western Iceland.The location of the guesthouse gives unique opportunities to you that wish to go hiking,fishing, bird-, whale- or seal-watching and more.

We offer sleeping accomodation to to big and small groups as to you that travel alone for a very good price.All year around.!

Welcome to us


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